Urbis Sites


The nature of the Clients work relies on deep collaboration sessions with Australian and overseas Partners – significant focus was applied to addressing elements of the meeting environments that could negatively impact on this creative exchange. Specifically, acoustic reverberance was addressed and sympathetic finishes and surfaces were adopted under consultation to eliminate poor performing audio

Urbis advise developers, property owners, investors, private firms, NGOs, community groups, industry associations and all levels of government – local, state and federal.

Among the many lines of work Urbis perform, they:

  • design and master plan urban developments
  • guide development projects through the complex process of planning approval
  • help clients imagine and build new places of work, leisure, entertainment and commerce – from shopping malls to business parks and retirement living
  • provide property market and economic analysis
  • research and analyse shopping trends and market forces
  • consult with communities
  • evaluate policy and advise on strategy
  • provide heritage advice
  • value properties and advise on property transactions.

What started out as a make good when an existing Client moved locations turned out to be one of the strongest and durable relationship, we have experience recently. Starting with the Sydney office which had a minor refit of as existing floorplate then migrated to a green field site in Brisbane and onto another green field site in Collins St Melbourne.  Over a period of 18 months the Technology expectations of the Client were captured, discussed, demonstrated and deployed across six sites. Ease of use and functional consistency were the overwhelming themes and instruction from the Clients Technology Mangement. The added complexity during this period was the migration from “on prem” facilities such as Skype for Business and H.323 Video Conferencing platforms to a Teams/Zoom/Blue Jeans Cloud environment. The final technology destination was not clearly defined until the roll out commenced requiring an agility on the part of Noisebox and its Vendors to accommodate these ambitions. Fortunately, Technologies were evolving to a point that a clear Market dominance on the part of two Vendors provided the interoperability that produced ground-breaking results.