Noisebox Integrated Technologies is an integral part of the functions of the hospitality industry today.

Noisebox covers all aspects of Audiovisual, from supply, installation, design and technical support of integrated systems.

Some of the services we supply include sound, lighting, visual screens, P.A. systems and the integration of various technologies.


Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Outdoor entertainment spaces are pivotal in the battle to attract the numbers of patrons required to maintain the viability of any Venue. Navigating through the obstacles of noise containment, crowd control and responsible service is every venue operator’s challenge.

Solutions on how to have a successful live music program across the road from an adjacent 5-star hotel in a suburban area are just one of the challenges Noisebox is expert at navigating.

The challenge is to provide the sound energy experience without the broader spill.

  • MATV
  • TAB
  • Digital Signage
  • Public Address
  • Outdoor Visual and Audio environments
  • Entertainment Technologies

Our team of experts support all the technology we provide. Noisebox has the highest level of IT engineers and electronic technicians who are contactable 12/5.


Noisebox’s expertise is so varied, it allows us to cater to a variety of different types of clients from a wide-ranging demographic. To browse some of our work visit our Case Study page.

Not sure where to start?

Our full-service staff has years of experience to assist you and create a personalised plan to suit your needs.

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Outdoor entertainment spaces are pivotal in catering to an overall patronage, but this comes with limitations as you consider noise ...
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