Retailers of all types and sizes are already taking advantage of the benefits that Audio Visual Technologies can bring to their environment.

Digital signage, intelligent lighting and Auditory enhancement, are just some of the tools that subconsciously drive consumers to make the ‘must have’ purchases.  Creative, pleasant, non-obtrusive  stimuli enhance the store experience for the customer  and drastically define the retail brand.


  • Merchandising
  • Advertising/branding
  • Visual paging system
  • Interactive Product demonstrations
  • Lighting environments
  • Acoustics
  • Training
  • Communications
  • IP video surveillance monitoring screen for security areas
  • Visual paging systems
  • Kiosks
  • Point-of-sale advertising


Noisebox’s expertise is so varied, it allows us to cater to a variety of different types of clients from a wide-ranging demographic. To browse some of our work visit our Case Study Page .