The Op-Ex model of procurement is loosely based on a typical leasing arrangement where the hardware is provided and financed through a Finance Company.

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AV as a service

AV as a service is suitable for any Business that is Cap-Ex restricted and requires an Op-Ex solution, it is well suited to the rapidly evolving technology sector where major improvements and utilisation trends migrate on a reasonably predictable cycle. The benefits of AV as a service include:

  • Fully Tax-deductible payments
  • No debt on the Business Balance sheet (as it is treated as an expense)
  • The entire solution can be financed including the hardware, software, installation and ongoing support costs into a monthly payment
  • Flexible contract i.e. easy to upgrade the equipment at the end of term or add equipment to the existing agreement
  • No residual to be paid at end of term. The Business can upgrade or simply hand back

Deploying quality technology into a Business environment is an expensive exercise, most Businesses would like to utilise technology more in the work space – but are limited to pre-determined budget driven outcomes. However, this is not always the case as some Companies recognise the efficiencies that are delivered from agile Audio Visual & Collaborative technologies. Typically, these goals drive the case for embracing a capital expenditure scenario (Cap-Ex) as part of a technology review, and where the needs are identified by the Client the outcomes are very compelling. 

We have identified that a Cap-Ex will not always align with the aspirations of a Business and so are presenting a model which will provide the technology that drives a Business on the basis of an operating expense. This allows for a deployment of hardware appropriate to the Client’s needs now, and into the future. The program is loosely based on a typical leasing arrangement where the hardware is provided and financed through a Finance Company. 

For Organisations both Public & Private – a Cap-Ex purchase of technology maybe out of their corporate guidelines, as these Businesses may be dictated to by a doctrine of utilising working capital. Either way there is no one size fits all and each Organisation will see the merits of both a Cap-Ex and an Op-Ex model when it comes to deciding how their technology needs are going to be met. Recently the Op-Ex model has been referred to as “AV as a service”.

What’s on Offer?

Noisebox will undertake the same design construct role it currently provides. This involves an extensive dialogue with the Business to determine the most appropriate facility that meets the present and future needs of the Business. Noisebox will fully deploy the solutions based on this consultative approach with the Client and if appropriate its user groups. At the completion of the fixed term Op-Ex period there will be an option to evaluate/upgrade and/or possibly retain some of the hardware, these commercials options will be with the Financier and guided by Noisebox on a technology level. 

There are many other elements and scenarios to consider within the context of an OP-Ex – topics such as on-site Technical support, ongoing maintenance and support along with resource monitoring – we welcome your enquiries