Victory Motorcycles


Victory Motorcycles was established over 10 years ago in the USA and have achieved cult status over this decade.

Recently, Victory opened flagship stores in both Melbourne & Sydney. Showcasing their modern, progressive and Stylish brand which is Victory Motorcycles.


Ashfield, Sydney

Customer Brief

To replicate a similar environment that had been created at the Melbourne Store with significant advances in user accessibility, which would showcase their brand and their product in a creative and original manner.

To display, inform, integrate, showcase and tantalise customers.

Noisebox Solution

The centre focal point of the space is a large video wall comprising of sixteen NEC commercial grade screens in a 4 x 4 wall configuration.

AMX System with iPads are used by the staff, as a control interface for all the technology components.

2 x Plasma screens are used in the side accessory areas.

The showroom features six motorized turntables, which slowly rotate. Above each turntable is a custom-made aluminium circular truss, within which several metal halide flood lights are housed as well as four Pro Shop LED PAR64 cans to illuminate the bikes and change colour to suit the bike on display.

Centre cluster speaker system (eight Electro Voice ZX1 speakers mounted on the 2.5 metre truss) to provide an even coverage of ambient music and clear speech reinforcement.

Custom designed and built interactive touchscreen kiosk that allows the customer to select accessories for their purchase.