Pitt Street Video Conferencing Room Stands Out From The Rest

If you have visited our Pitt St, Video Conferencing Room lately, you will have noticed the addition of some of the latest and most sophisticated technologies available for video conferencing.

With the installation of the new Samsung Curved UHD TV and the New Polycom Eagle Eye voice-tracking camera, the whole Video Conferencing experience in the Pitt St room takes you to a whole new level of immersion.

Because, Noisebox is a technology-based company, we are always poised to ensure that the equipment in our VC Rooms is of the highest standard and is at the leading edge of what is on offer.

The Samsung curved TV features an uncommon curve, which makes the screen pop out. This gives a 3D-like experience, without the glasses, and placing the participant firmly at the centre of the screen.

Studies have revealed that the immersion effect of this TV is increased by 4 percent, depending on ones seating distance.

Other Features include of the curved screen include;

Voice interaction

Voice control

Built-in camera

Face recognition

Motion control

Reduced reflection

The next time you visit our VC Room, drop us a line, via our GET IN TOUCH form at the bottom-right of each webpage, and tell us about your experience….

Happy Video Conferencing