Sample Procedure

Control Point

This is just a sample of the functions possible with integration technologies, the possibilities are endless.

Welcome – Please select accordingly:

  • Presentation
  • DVD Player
  • Foxtel
  • Link Bar Area
  • Video Conference
  • Microphone
  • Blinds
  • Lights
  • Room PC
  • Laptop
  • Mute
  • Volume
  • Power

If PRESENTATION is selected, from the menu displays, all connection points available in the room are listed. Select accordingly.

If DVD PLAYER is selected the displays will show the DVD player controls on the screen and gives the user the ability to use the standard DVD control options.

If FOXTEL is selected it will be displayed in the room. Please contact reception if you would like to view a different channel.

LINK BAR AREA will send the boardroom’s current audio into the Bar Area.

LINK SEMINAR ROOMS will link the boardroom’s audio to the seminar rooms.

To initiate a video conferencing call, select CONFERENCE The user can then utilise the green screen via “green screen on/off” and share content with the far end by selecting the “presentation source select”.

Selecting MICROPHONES from the bottom menu can control the room’s microphones, volume levels. This is microphone audio only, not room audio. Adjust accordingly.

To control the room’s blind select BLINDS.

To control lighting in the room, select LIGHTS

If ROOM PC is selected, the room’s pc is displayed on the LCD screen. Use the local keyboard and mouse in the room PC control.

Selecting LAPTOP from the top menu displays the VGA or HDMI signal from the floorbox to the LCD screen. Select accordingly.

The room’s audio can be controlled from the VOLUME on the bottom menu, select accordingly.

To shutdown the room’s AV equipment, select SYSTEM POWER and confirm.

Axillary Communications

  • Butler Call
  • Room Clean

The BUTLER CALL feature launches the “coffee and drinks” function. Select the required drinks and quantity, add these to the order, and then send order.

Selecting ROOM CLEAN sends an alert to the kitchen staff alerting that the room needs cleaning.