A.V. For An I.T. World

New Blueprint For Commissioning A.V. is Born !

A trend is something that starts at a point in time – generally at a time when dissatisfaction is occurring and a change from the ‘norm’, affecting a better outcome, is required.

Some trends endure to become a ‘standard’, but most are tried and abandoned for various reasons, as change requires ‘REVOLUTION’.

Noisebox is at the centre of such a revolution, by rethinking how Audio Visual equipment is commissioned into corporate environments.

Deloitte is a case in point because of a long history of wide spread dissatisfaction with their standard procedures.

To paraphrase a senior property and facilities management executive, “Every project involving AV to date has be a spectacular failure”.

Traditionally managing the process of design, specifications, tendering, implementation and commissioning of equipment, has been handled exclusively at an ‘academic’ level, which has proven, too often, to focus on outcomes that are mainly premised by, the ‘lowest price wins’ ideology: –
– (The tender is handled by several building companies, through a tendering process, which is scuttled by the AV tenderers in a race to the very bottom.
Implementation follows the winner’s motto of cheapest price wins and variations are now the ‘main game’).

Result being, that the academics get to earn their keep, and the client gets what they get. This is an all too familiar scenario and one that requires change, as, in this highly technical age, expertise lies with the experts in their fields and not with the academics.

So what are the options?

To get off this ‘merry-go-round’ of ineffectiveness that has ensued, Noisebox has implemented a system, which has more accountability and provides direct access to hands-on expertise.

This is how it has worked for our ‘Happy Customer’ Deloitte., firstly, the services of a specialised AV company who provide a concierge audio visual service is engaged and whereby technical support staff are embedding into the Deloitte offices in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Next they married the concierge staff with the corporate services staff, allowing for relevant, planning and preparation dialogue before meetings and corporate events, facilitating an environment whereby, the people who are responsible for delivering the outcomes are all together in a cooperative and interdependent environment.

RESULTS: Happy presenters, Satisfied event attendees, Less anxiety and ultimately, SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES! ✔✔✔✔✔

While this system was working well the installed equipment was just not keeping up. The question that needed answering was:-

What if the operator of the systems could have direct dialogue with the actual people who installed the technology?, would Deloitte get better outcomes? Would it change the trend of spiraling equipment failures?

What ensued was, Corporate Technology Services became the client and Noisebox Integrated Technologies, became the solutions designers and installers, being completely and unequivocally responsible for all outcomes.

Problem solved, new ‘blueprint’ for the smooth installation of audiovisual and video conferencing integrated technologies, is born.