Finally a product that puts the ‘SPEAKER’, into ‘SPEAKERPHONE’.

‘Revolabs’, a portable speaker with USB,  specifically designed to be the audio solution for conference rooms and small offices, made possible by using PC communication applications for meetings and online collaboration. For further information click here

EagleEye Director camera

A camera, intelligent enough to automatically zoom-in on the person speaking. The EagleEye Director is an innovative camera technology that delivers a breakthrough, ‘directed’, telepresence experience, creating a more immersive video conference. The camera system works to provide accurate close-up views of the person who is speaking. This is accomplished by intelligently emulating professional video […]

A.V. For An I.T. World

New Blueprint For Commissioning A.V. is Born ! A trend is something that starts at a point in time – generally at a time when dissatisfaction is occurring and a change from the ‘norm’, affecting a better outcome, is required. Some trends endure to become a ‘standard’, but most are tried and abandoned for various […]

Sky Racing is Switching OFF all its Analogue Services into Pubs, Clubs and TAB Agency’s

Sky Racing will only be broadcasting in DIGITAL from this month on. To Keep receiving your Sky Racing services after the analogue  service is switched off , your television system, will have to be capable of receiving Digital signals. If you haven’t already upgraded to Digital Televisions, now is the time to do so… Don’t […]

MATV Master Aerial TV

Master Antennae TV – a communal aerial system that uses a master aerial to receive the signal before it is distributed. Many venue operators are looking for an edge – if you have invested heavily in offering a Sports bar or any sort of large screen viewing facility you will want to create a “just […]