Honeysuckle Hotel


The Honeysuckle Hotel in Newcastle is the newest addition to the Laundy Hotel Group opening in October last year.

The Honeysuckle is a beautifully modern Hotel located at Honeysuckle Bay. It is showcased by its outdoor deck overlooking the harbour, glorious restaurant and function room. The Hotel also boasts Newcastle’s largest TV Screen for all the sporting enthusiasts.


Newcastle, NSW.

Customer Brief

To create an environment through Audio Visual means which would facilitate a meeting place for light entertainment, with a focus on gaming (TAB), food and the viewing of sport in both indoor and outdoor areas.

To provide a sound system that provided high sound pressure levels with a need for pattern control. This provision formed part of the hotel’s licence and stipulated the need for the hotel’s operators to eliminate any sound dispersion into the surrounding residential towers.

Noisebox Solution

2 x 103 inch Panasonic plasma screens

High light output LCD screens within IP rated housings. The venue is on the harbour so the corrossive elements of salt spray and salt corrosion cracking of welded metals was thoroughly investigated.

TAB – 40 x screens facilitation both text and racing programs.

The sound system design consisted of day trade ambient music using Electrovoice EVID speakers, this was a relatively low powered solution both in terms of wattage and mains power requirements. For large capacity trading periods such as weekends and mid week events the bigger Electrovoice RFXXX speakers featuring extremely tight pattern control would be engaged.

An AMX Control system using wired LCD touch screens at the Bar and the Manager’s office allows operational staff to make changes to audio program and volumes as well as TV channel selection of all the televisions from a centralised location.

Remote access into the venues control system by Noisebox support staff gives this Venue additional remote support on an ongoing basis.