Boardroom 3 Melb

Meeting the expectations of a Client with such a pedigree requires a determine effort to design, execute and deliver the very best of current technologies. Gartner demand that their work flows and collaboration environments espouse the virtues of how they present to the market as a Futurist reference Organisation.

For our perspective there is nothing remarkable about the aesthetic elements of the room types whether they be Boardrooms, Collaboration Spaces and Staff areas apart from acknowledging they are all of a high-quality Architectural standard. What is remarkable is the evolution and uptake of audio visual & unified communication solutions deployed across every new Gartner project. Noisebox is under an NDA on the specifics of what has been delivered – as a systems integrator in a design construct role we grow exponentially from the experiences of working with such a dynamic market influencer – experiences we take with us and bestow upon and into,  other Client’s environments and opportunities.

Gartner- provides essential insights and advice for every leader across the Globe.

“Founded in 1979, Our Client is THE leading research and advisory Company. Gartner has expanded well beyond a technology research role to provide senior leaders across the globe with the indispensable business insights, advice and tools they need to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build their organizations of tomorrow.”

Gartner has been a loyal and consistent Client of Noisebox for several years, we have undertaken many Projects across Australia in most Capital Cities – Servicing the Technology needs of such a prestigious Icon of the Business world is one of the most rewarding experiences we have had the pleasure to undertake.

Gartner – Together with their clients fuel the future of Business so that a more successful world incorporating technologies become a standard.

Gartner Symposiums – These events attract the who’s who of the Business World – CEO’s, CIO’s, COO & CFO’s base future directions and Technology strategies on the information acquired in these “deep dive” events.