Panthers brief was 'simple', they wanted a localised audio solution that would enable the club to host a live music program in their new Terrace Lounge.

Outdoor entertainment spaces are pivotal in catering to an overall patronage, but this comes with limitations as you consider noise pollution, not only beyond the boundaries, but also into other areas within the club.

Spillage into the adjacent areas of the club, the 5 Star Hotel next store, and the clubs locality in a suburban area all had to be considered.

The concept of having an intensity of audio directed into a designated area is not new, however this intense energy of sound will want to spill into adjacent areas defeating the purpose in the first place. The challenge was then to provide the sound energy experience without the broader spill.

Electro-Voice’s Planar Ceiling Array is an acoustically and electronically steered sound ceiling system which produces a very sharp reduction of sound outside the area of interest.  It incorporates the Hi Fidelity EViD C8.2 8” 2-Way ceiling speaker which when used in multiples and spaced correctly in any ceiling will minimise spill of program sound from the target area. The array delivers punchy bass at robust sound pressure levels. Patrons and staff can interact in relative quiet at the bar while the entertainment fires.

We can report that the venue has been operating with a variety of live & recorded music acts for several months with no nasty knocks on the door…