Norton Rose

Norton Rose

Norton Rose Group is a leading international legal practice, with offices in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Central Asia.

Norton Rose offer a full business law service to many of the world’s pre-eminent financial institutions and corporations …


20 meeting rooms, 2 x VC rooms, seminar rooms modular x 2, training environments allowing for learning events to be broadcasted to other offices around the Country using video conferencing and content sharing technologies.

Facilitate a training environment to allow presenters to broadcast to all Capital city offices as part of the Legal industries ongoing  accreditation requirement.

Foyer, corporate entertainment area (Public address facilities within the reception area negate the need for external service providers to disrupt the event by bringing into the Tenancy additional equipment. )


High performance AV components were deployed into all the meeting and conferencing environments, given Noisebox’s involvement with all the Capital City office builds the audio visual and Video Conferencing facilities meet the Company’s operational criteria.

The recent Brisbane office in Eagle Tower has seen a refinement of the Butler Call concept. This system allows for catering services to be delivered directly to the meeting room through an electronic ordering medium. For this tenancy we provided a small cost effective touch screen within each the room, this touchscreen became part of the AV control system with a refreshment menu page displaying images of the menu options. The users touched the type and number of items before posting the order to the Kitchen. The order is sent via Wi Fi to an Ipad and docket printer located in the kitchen. Kitchen staff are alerted to new orders through a tone generated on the Ipad. Other requests such as stationary & clean room form part of the in room offering.