Welcome to the new Noisebox website!


So here goes the obligatory ‘WE’VE JUST LAUNCHED A NEW WEBSITE BLOG POST’.

It’s a mandatory requirement isn’t it ? ? 😉

Our former website served us well, but it’s design didn’t stand the test of time and it was decided that the ‘Ol Girl’, should be sunk.

So now, not only do we have a nice, clean, modern website which is easy on the eye but the site is easy to operate with a comprehensive overview which explains more concisely, the wide-ranging capabilities of Noisebox Integrated Technologies.

There are many avenues within the site which enable  contact with the office, whether it be for a SERVICE REQUEST, an ENQUIRY, or to book one of our Video Conferencing Rooms, there’s a form for every occasion.

The new site has a gallery of Case Studies that show a sample of our work across-the-board, giving a more visual view of the complexity and capabilities of our all-inclusive services.

Look forward to your comments and working with you in the near future.