Rest Industry Super


Retail Employees Superannuation Trust is an Australian public offer industry superannuation fund established in 1988. It is one of Australia's largest superannuation funds by membership, currently with around 2 million members

When Companies decide to re-locate to new premises its an opportunity for Businesses to reinvigorate bring change to what is sometimes stayed and forgotten priorities. So was the case for REST Super who were aware of the need to embrace a workplace change but did not have the opportunities to implement. Historically a Company move is probably the best time to initiate changes to the way staff function irrespective of the enormity that an office move creates. There is an expectation within the Company that can allow Management to introduce new workplace tools specifically AV & VC through a process of gradual adoption, Training and support. In terms of the final implemented product the changes were embraced by staff and culminated in improved communication between working groups and Management. AV & VC solutions are ideally suited to Executive areas, Project Spaces, Training Rooms and Auditoria where large Presentations can be held in house eliminating the costs associated with hiring external Venues.